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About Robotics

Warrior Robotics is needed to enhance the academic opportunities for our students at Brainerd High School. Our mission says it all with respect to why this program is needed. Again, our Warrior Robotics team is developed to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. This is an after school activity in which our students learn many skills while working with a variety of mentors from industries in and around our community. I feel this connection to community is extremely important and will continue to make our bond to the community a strong one. Also, during the completion, the students engage in gracious professionalism. This is a FIRST motto and also an important skill to have. The Robotics competition is set to be a 3 on 3 format in which teams never know who their partners will be for each round leading up to the championship round. This means that if another robot goes down, your responsibility as a team is to do whatever you can to get them going again. This type of gracious professionalism and work ethic are great skills these kids will take with them when they go on to do whatever they choose to do in life. Also, the collaboration of team members during the competition is amazing. As teams are matched up during the preliminary rounds, team members strategize with other teams and come up with ways to win their round. Wins and losses become important for the championship seating. To see students from other schools working together also is an example of a positive skill being learned by FIRST teams and their student members. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students at Brainerd High School and around the country which is why I feel this is a needed program at BHS.

Warrior Robotics

FIRST TEAM 2503 Highlights

Since our rookie year (2008), we have had 150 students involved with our Warrior Robotics Teams. Many of these students have gone into the field of Engineering, robotics or other related fields in the Robotics and Manufacturing industry! We have students who are currently enrolled or have attended WPI, University of Minnesota, Central Lakes College, University of North Dakota, University of North Dakota State and many more colleges and technical colleges around the state of Minnesota. These students have been involved with real world problem solving and developed team building skills that students need to be successful in their future endeavors. Perkins funding has helped sustain our team over the years as well.

Team Highlights

  • Successfully competed in 5 Regional's and our robot and students have competed with a working robot every year.
  • We made the Regional Championship in 2011 but did not win it.
  • Our goal is to have a working robot with in the six week build period and our students engaged in the Regional competition.
  • We have former students come back as Mentors for our team.
  • We have had approximately 25 mentors from industry and college work with our students on the design process building our robot.
  • 120 team members since 2008.
  • Have been a team mentor to new teams throughout the years.
  • Have been involved with a local kick off at Central Lakes College and our team mentors have held sessions on Programming and Q & A for FIRST coaches who have been at the local kick off.
  • Hosted a programming session at our school for other teams in the area.
  • Competing in our 7th season this year 2008-2014.
  • Provided presentations to our local Middle and Elementary Schools in our District.
  • Attended various conferences endorsing FIRST ROBOTICS and our team.

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